Beech is one of the common materials used in furniture manufacturing in China. Furniture of the style of Ming and Qing dynasty has come down through the years and most of them are beech furniture. Today, I’ll tell the strengths and weakness of beech for your reference.

Beech mainly originated in the south of China and is comparable with elm in northern China. Besides China, the Alps in German, Japan and other areas are also the growing place of beech. Although beech is not as precious as rosewood or other rare wood, it still takes a place in wooden furniture. In the home of ordinary people in southern China, beech is the most common wood. Beech can be made into not only major furniture like bureau and bed board but also small furniture as wooden hangers.

Due to the common use, beech hanger has uncomplicated manufacturing technique and inexpensive price. As a cost-effective hanger, beech hanger completely has the characteristics of beech wood. It has hard material, fine-grained texture and heavy weight. In addition, beech can be used as plywood because it is easy to bend in the steam. Beech hanger is resistant to wear and tear and full of luster. What’s more, it is hard to deform when in dry condition.

However, nothing is perfect. Beech has its disadvantages as well. For instance, the color of beech hanger is not unified because beech tree has different color and density at different age. So, you have to pay attention to its tree-age when choosing beech hanger. Furthermore, as mentioned above, beech can curve in the steam, but this may become a disadvantage. When in the dry environment, it is more likely to deform or crack if you cannot control the dryness well. Thus, you should control the dryness of beech in the range of 8% to 12%.

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