Jackets, tailored suits and coats are some of the most exquisite clothing, which is important to store these garments properly. Choosing good coat hangers is the essential step to preserve the quality, form and integrity of your elegant clothes.

Firstly, the first step is to choose the right kind of hangers is to be familiar with different garment types. Wooden hanger is the best choice for heavy suits and coats. But some thickly molded plastic hangers can also be an alternative for hanging heavy garments.

Secondly, take the dimensions of the garments into account. The hangers should be wide enough to support the entire length of the shoulder line. Shorter-sized ones will cause garments to sag and the sharp points caused by ones that are too long can create dimples along the shoulder length.

Thirdly, survey the texture of certain garments. Some textures are easy to slip off. Hangers covered in velvet or padded with cloth can be a stylish solution to this problem. For better presentation, coat hangers will look more organized and orderly by using similar-looking hooks. The hangers should also match the store decoration. Upscale boutiques often use wooden varieties in accordance with the store decoration.

Fourthly, coat hangers are bulkier and stockier. Therefore, space and storage should also be considered before bulk purchasing. The thickness of the hangers should not only be able to support garments but should also fit the area for display.

Betterall Hanger is known for providing top-grade hangers for fashion designers, celebrities, boutiques, department stores, hotels and many other similar industries. The company offers a full range of coat hangers made of custom wood, its signature acrylic, metal alloy and stock plywood. Other hanger categories include shirts and dresses, pants and skirts, lingerie, kids and displays. Accessories like hooks, clips, mannequins are widely available.


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