It’s good to have a few nice scarves in your wardrobe, but you may not want them taking up room in your dresser or elsewhere. These simples scarf rack hardly takes up any space hanging in your closet.

This plastic ring hanger design can hang your scarf in your closet or even on the back of a door. This thin body design can save lots of space of your closet, and the colorful style is elegant and beautiful. The non-slip surface can avoid your scarves slipping down. By using this scarf hanger, your scarf can have a warm home in winter and your wardrobe would be organized.

This metal PVC scarf hanger can also help you to store your chic scarf without taking up much space. This is a flower shape hanger, when you do not use it to hang scarves, it could be a decoration for your room or your closet. Cute and chic shape makes this hanger become popular among female client. PVC material is non-slip, which can protect scarves from slipping down.

Another hot selling scarf hanger is this wooden scarf hanger with several hooks. You can store several scarves at one time by using this hanger, so, this hanger is a good space-saving helper. Polished chrome hooks is bright and smooth, strong and durable.

Betterall has many kinds of hangers, including scarf hanger, belt hanger, sweater hanger, coat hanger and so on. When you purchase clothes for cold weather, why not buy some suitable hangers for them so as to make your room organized?


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