Wooden hanger is practical and has a longer service life among all kinds of hangers. Wood is widely used in our daily life, as a biological organism and a kind of green natural products. Wooden hangers have many different materials, such as beech, lotus wood, rubber wood, ash tree, pine, weed tree, etc. If you cannot take good care of wooden hangers, they will chap, deform or have dirt.

It’s common that wooden hangers will get dry in arid climate and dust is easy to stay in the surface of painted hangers. To avoid this, you should put them in ventilated environment and not maintain them under sunshine or in rainy days. When cleaning wooden hangers, dip a little detergent on a soft cloth and wipe dirty along the grain. It would be better to use a soft cloth because dry cloth may bruise or scratch the wooden hanger.

In general, detergent is able to form a layer of protective film which can defend water, dust and scratch. If you find your wooden hangers have already had cracks or chaps, you can squeeze the detergent into cracks to prevent them extending continuously. Wooden hangers need your careful and persistent maintenance to be durable after used for a long time, so you cannot snatch a moment of leisure when doing normal cleaning work. In addition, there are several reasons for the deformation of wooden hangers. The main reason is the moisture content is too high. Other reasons are likely to be high temperature or hanging heavy clothes which exceed the weight the hanger can support. Thus, you should pay attention to ventilate your closet and don’t hang overweight clothes.

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