Eco friendly antiskid children’s solid wood hanger for baby

Item Number: BW1324A
Material: Lotus wood
Size: 30*16.5*1CM,HOOK 3.5CM
Productivity: 4 million pieces /month
Accept: OEM & ODM, Customized style, LOGO, color, packing
Color: Natural or cutomized
Certification: BSCI,FSC,ISO9001, ISO14001
Place of Origin: Guilin, China (Mainland)
Sample: Within 7 days
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C

Product Information

Cute kids hanger with a small size is suitable for baby, infant and toddler, hanging children’s shirts without making them become loose.
Selection of high quality lotus wood, hard texture and will not easy to be damaged by insects. Compared with traditional metal hanger or plastic hanger, wooden clothes hanger has unique shape and grain, it is refreshing and shows fashion and honor.upgrades the level of your clothes and closet. Wooden hangers can absorb water, dust and dampness in your clothes.
Hook: Chromed coated,anti rust and anti friction,curved shape can fit all standard closet rods,360 degree swivel hook, allows clothes easy to hang and take.
Environmental baking vanish technology: colorful, smooth feel.
Color: pink, romantic purple, lake blue, log color.Sweety and fashionable color can make your kids’ clothes attractive. decorate a soft and warm children closet.
Antiskid rubber pad design: prevent clothes from falling and protect clothes shoulder.

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