Today, let’s talk about 4 great racks with creative design, each is a very distinctive hanger and can effectively help you solve the problem that your clothes fall down when the wind blows strongly and help you save hanging space. Basically, these four hangers can help you to hang your clothes much easier.

The first hanger is a four-layer wooden pant hanger. By using this hanger, your pants can get rid of crease and you can hang four or more pants at one time, which can help you save a lot of space of your closet.Therefore, it is really a good helper for organizing your pants.

The second one is a ring scarves, belts or ties hanger. With a thread material, this hanger is non-slip. With many rings, this hanger can store many scarves, ties and belts at one time, so that your scarves, ties and belts can store in an organized way by taking up a little space of your closet.

The third one is a velvet shirt hanger with a special collar protection design. Velvet hanger is non-skid and can avoid your clothes from falling down in a strong wind environment. Using this hanger to hang shirts, you can take advantage of the collar protection design and avoid the collar of your shirt becoming loose or big.

The final hanger is an anti-theft hanger with a ring hook. This metal hanger is designed for hotel use with an anti-theft circle hook. Steel frame is anti rust and sturdy enough, and easy to hold and take out the pants. The shape of this hanger is simple and classic.


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