You have put your sweater hanging in the closet for months.Now, you want to wear them for the cold weather. However, you notice that your sweater become loose. What will you do? Throw it out? You will not get struck in this, if you know the right method to store clothes with hangers.

Sweaters easily sag and pull out of shape, so it is advisable that you should never hang them.
Instead, folding them and laying a sheet of tissue paper inside is a good way to prevent wrinkle and loose. But if you must hang them for the limited space, you can fold them lengthwise in half, shoulder to shoulder and hang on a wooden hanger with a piece of tissue paper in between.

Delicate fabrics
For slippery fabrics such as silk and satin and more delicate fabrics like velvet, raw silk, chiffon, and taffeta that crush easily, you can use the same type of wooden hanger with padding at the shoulders so as to prevent pointy bumps and hanger-humps.

Shirts and blouses
The rule of thumb, those shirts and blouses made of linen, rayon or cotton is ‘No wire hangers allowed’. Wire hanger will be too thin and soft to hang them. So,you can use a wooden or a heavy plastic hanger , which follows the slope of clothes shoulder. By the way, once hanged, button the second button from the top so that it retains its shape while on the hanger.

Leather trousers
Folding leather will create creases and wrinkles, which will be difficult to eliminate for you will never iron or steam leather, so, it is advisable not to fold leathers. For leathers, you can use a clip hanger to hang them and use business cards to protect the fabric from the grooves of the clips so they do not leave marks.

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