As we all know that hanger plays a very important role in our daily life although it is common. But I suppose that many people do not know how to make a metal hanger. Today I would like talk about how to make a metal hanger.

Comparing with the processes of making the wooden hanger, the processes of making a metal hanger is easier. Let’s divide the general processes into seven parts as follows:
The first thing to make a metal hanger is cutting the wire into the certain size as required.
Secondly, shape the wire on the mould.
Thirdly, weld the wire into a hanger. And weld the hook with the hanger body.
Fourthly, electroplating, in this process, we will hang the hangers on the platting rack and electroplated them.
The fifth is vinyl coating. If you want a PVC hanger, it is unnecessary to do the electroplating.
The sixth is assembling the chips and tube.
Finally, packing the hanger as required.

We have finish to make a metal hanger. I hope all the things will help you to know our factory. Betterall hanger is a well-known hanger manufacture company in China. Hope to establish a good relationship with you!


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