Many people have wooden hangers in their closet nowadays, but the average used age of the wooden hangers is short. Many people is curious about how we can do to protect the wooden hanger so that they are long-lived.

So, how to protect wooden hanger?
1、It is a common phenomenon that wooden hangers easily crack in the dry climate, and painted wooden hangers are anti-dust. The way to prevent crack is to place the wooden hangers at the place which can prevent exposure to the sun. As for the painted wooden hanger, placing them in the closet can avoid being dirty.

2、If the painted wooden hanger is dirty, we can use a soft cloth to wipe out the dust for the wooden hanger. Before going to wipe the dust, we should spray some brighteners on the cloth so that we can wipe out the dust much easier. Be attention, do not wipe with a dry cloth, because dry cloth may scratch the wood.

3、Wooden hangers will crack if you place them in a dry place for a long time. When found that there is crack on the wooden hanger, we can squeeze maintenance product into the internal crack with some small tools, and prevent the expansion of crack. After long-term use, the appearance of wooden hanger will crack, so the usual cleaning maintenance work can’t stop.

4、Don’t put too heavy clothes on the hanger, or the hanger will warp. The ability of weight-bearing of hanger is finite, and if the weight of clothes exceeded, the hanger would be broken which may do harm to the clothes

Above is some tips for protecting your wooden hangers, want to know more hanger knowledge, please contact us. Betterall produce many kinds of hangers, if you are in need of hangers, you can feel free to contact us.


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