Hangers are common in our life, however, some people still do not know how to choose a hanger in high quality. There are some ways to test the quality of the wooden hanger as follows:

1.Test its appearance
When you choose the hangers, the first thing to do is to test its appearances. In the process of producing the hanger, we will paint and polish the hanger. So, we can touch the hanger’s surface whether it is smooth or not. The distribution of paint is also a standard to test the quality of the hanger. Thus,the good quality hanger requires the well distributed paint.

2.The grain of the wood is the way to identify whether the material of the hanger is high quality or not. The different wood have different grain. Often, the lotus and the oak belongs to the high end material.

3.The hardness degree of wooden hanger
Using something hard to hit the hanger。If the paint is good, there will be no damage, otherwise,there are cracks.

4.Check the hardware
Checking whether the hook, clips and other metal hardware are rusted and whether it is as required.

5.Test the humidity
Controlling the humidity of wooden hanger under 15 degree.

6.Making sure making the notch and logo as required.

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