A velvet hanger is made up of a kind of plastic called ABS whose surface is electrostatic flocking. There are many features or functions of velvet hangers. A velvet hanger has smooth surface, comfortable feel and good softness, and is resistant to bending and folding. It is whippy, beautiful in colors and attractive. The external noble and various colors of fluff make the velvet hanger fashionable and high-end. Besides, although a velvet hanger is light enough to carry, put and maintain, it can support the weight of 10kg. The flocking material can also protect clothes falling down.

In our daily life, velvet hanger is widely used because of its small size, and good bearing capacity. Its advantages are as below:

First, you can make full use of your closet. The small and exquisite velvet hanger can save much space of your closet.
Secondly, as the surface of a velvet hanger making up from specific silk fibers, a velvet hanger can avoid clothes with wide neckline slipping off.
Thirdly, the humanized design of a velvet hanger can prevent clothes from deformation. You will no longer worry any more that the neckline of your clothes may be larger.
Fourthly, the bearing capacity of a velvet hanger is so good that it can take the weight of more than 5 kg. Even if your clothes are very heavy, it can still support its weight.
Fifthly, as for young people who like pursuing fashion and personality, a velvet hanger is their best option due to its elegant appearance, unique personality, attractive design and bright colors.
What’s more, a velvet hanger is of high quality, but the price of it is very competitive and reasonable.

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