Usually, hotels will provide their guest with some practical hangers, like satin hangers, metal hangers, velvet hangers and so on. It is convenient for hotel customers to have a hanger to hang their clothes. As different hangers have different characteristics, I’ll tell you the details about them so that hotels can choose the most suitable hang.

Satin hanger gives people a feeling of warm and sweet. If hotels put satin hangers in a cozy room, the customer will feel like staying at home. When the customer needs to hang suit or other formal clothes, satin hanger will not deform your clothes. In addition, satin hanger not only is comfortable but also has a good sense of touch. But it cannot hang heavy clothes. And when it gets dirty, satin hanger looks not as beautiful as it was and is difficult to clean.

Metal hanger is very strong and has a long using life because of its metal texture. I suggest hotels to choose metal hangers in order to reduce the purchasing time. The metal texture also guarantees that metal hanger can hang heavy clothes and makes the room noble. However, metal hanger has a high cost and is easy to become suffered from corrosion.

Velvet hanger consists of high-quality flocking and ABS material. It feels comfortable and has a nice non-skid property. Also, it’s difficult to bend and deform and can hang heavy clothes.

Hotels can choose hangers according to the introduction above.

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