Nowadays, the selection of the wooden material for a hanger tends to diversity, which meets the needs of different display effect and at the same time rationally utilize the natural features of all kinds of wood in the greatest degree, so as to realize the use of material reasonably and reach the purpose of optimizing the dealer’s cost. Eisho hangers mainly selected materials are as follows: beech wood, walnut, oak, basswood, ash tree, lotus wood and so on. And here are the characteristics of some common wooden materials:

1.Beech wood
It is solid wood, and it possesses clear and beautiful texture and soft and bright color. Beech wood is solid, impact resistant and easy to bend under steam. Beech wood can make many styles and it is much heavier than most common hardwood.
The advantages of beech wood:
1) it has high surface smoothness, good paint adhesion and many kinds of display effect
2)it has heavy texture,so it is wear-resisting and impact resistant
3) it has beautiful decorative pattern, but it mainly uses for the original color hanger
4) it has good stability, so it is not easily affected by the climate
The comprehensive judgment: the life of beech wood hanger is 3-5 years; Wood is neutral and is suitable for a variety of clothing display.

It is heavy and hard. It mostly distribute to the north of Jilin and the south of the south sea, Yunnan,however, there is few high quality material.
The characteristics of oak wood hangers:
1)it has distinct grain shape, strong decoration nature, and good feeling of touching the surface
2) It has high level, and can be used for a high-end clothing brand stores display;
3) it is wear resistant and impact resistant
The comprehensive judgment: general use for 3-5 years; high cost

3.Lotus wood
it has good water absorb-ability, but the wood is light, wear-resisting, not having the features of corrosion resistance. It may have more stammer, and the materials price is cheap.
1)it is cheap, so it is commonly used
2)it often used in original color
The comprehensive judgment: it can use for about one year because of the low cost.

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