In hanger industry, hanger pegs are not just clips but clips combined with iron wire. Generally, clothespin refers to a slice of clips, while a hanger peg refers to a set of clips used in pant hangers and underwear hangers. Hanger pegs have a variety of types. When classified by the material, hanger pegs can be divided into plastic clips and metal clips. They also can be divided into hanging-down clips and hanging- slide clips according to their use.

There are four kinds of hanging-down clips, including the big U shape clip, the small U shape clip, flexible clips and linear clips. Although linear clips are common in our daily life, they belong to the main body of a hanger rather than accessories of a haner. Usually, hanging-down clips can be used in not only pant hangers but also shirt hangers.
Hanging-slide clips generally can only be used in pant hangers, because they will deform your shirts as they are on the two ends of a hanger.

Except for clips, the hook is also one of the accessories of a hanger. The hook of a hanger is made from metal material which is curved into the shape of a question mark. A hook is an essential part of a hanger because the quality of the hook reflects the quality of a hanger.

Classified by the raw material, hanger hooks can be divided into iron hooks, copper hooks, aluminum hooks, stainless hooks, etc. They also can be classified into galvanizing hooks, nickeling hooks, chroming hooks, imitation golden hooks, rose golden hooks and so on. In addition, they can be distributed into flat hook, reverse hooks, S shape hooks, etc. according to the shape.

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