Have you ever found that plastic hangers or metal hangers in your house are not durable enough? Have you noticed that plastic hangers or metal hangers are easy to deform when you hang clothes? According to a survey, 68% families think that it is normal for plastic hangers or metal hangers to be deformed. So, what types of hangers will never deform?

The answer must be wooden hangers. Wooden hangers made from woody material are not only hard to deform but also environmentally-friendly. In addition, wooden hangers can make the air in your house has a feeling of freshness and bring people close to nature. In this case, you can enjoy fresh and natural air in your own house. Moreover, wooden hangers have the ability of water-absorbing, thus they can absorb water, dust and dampness in your clothes. Even on the wet weather, you will not be afraid that your clothes are still wetting.

If you buy new hangers frequently or often change hangers in your house, how many hangers should you buy each year? Although the price of wooden hangers is a little higher than that of plastic hangers or metal hangers, wooden hangers are very durable and beautiful. Instead of buying a lot of new hangers annually, you can buy practical and environmental-friendly wooden hangers to save money.

Betterall,a professional hanger manufacture company, is good at produce many kinds of plastic hangers. You can tell us the style and the color you want and then we produce the hanger as requested. Besides plastic hanger, we also produce wooden, metal hanger and so on. So, if you are in need of hanger, no matter what style and color, please contact us!


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