Bentwood hangers, also called laminated hangers or clipping hangers, are consist of metal hook, bend-forming plywood, cross-bar, clips with metal shelves, etc. They can bend without deformation.

Bentwood hangers have a variety of styles and can be divided into suit hangers, trousers hangers, jacket hangers, T-shirt hangers, woolen sweater hangers, large and meddle-sized hangers, hotel hangers, kids hangers, housecoat hangers, etc.

Compared to solid wood hangers, plywood hangers not only have beautiful colors, high resilience and moisture proof, but also retain the characteristics of wooden materials. In addition, plywood hangers have small color difference and their hardness is also better than solid wood hangers. The hardness of bentwood is the highest among all plants in the world and its natural hardness is more than twice as high as ordinary wood, so it’s difficult to deform. The useful life of plywood is as long as its growth period. Generally, wood of five to nine years old and high quality is most suitable for luxury wooden hangers. Therefore, using the plywood hangers can reduce the use of wood and lower cost and price.

In order to choose high-quality bentwood hangers, you should learn how to observe with your eyes. First, you can see whether the surface of laminated hangers is smooth or not. If previous polishing time is not enough, the surface will be rough,uneven and apt to scratch your hands. Then, you can look at the paint spraying. Factories usually spray undercoat twice and finishing coat once, but many factories spray undercoat only once to save cost. Such paint on the surface is uneven and it won’t remain long before fading. Finally, you can see the glue of the hanger. If its adhesiveness is not strong and there are gaps between plywood, the wood will split off soon. Therefore, glue is the key to choose laminated wood. Laminated hangers whose glue has strong adhesiveness can last for a long time.

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