Wooden Hanger Factory

480+ employees,
250,000 hangers/day

Solar Energy Storage:Creates a constant temperature and humidity environment for your hanger. Guarantee the quality and on-time delivery

Italy Baking Room:Micro electric control,  200 m³ , to ensure the quality  and the delivery time is not affected by weather

Electrostatic Constant Temperature Workshop: 800㎡, 6  latest electrostatic spraying lines with double-layered enclosed conveyors cycling,fast dry and  high yield rate make the painting hanger surface more beautiful.

Huge Central Vacuuming Tower:  Absorb the harmful gas and dust of workshop. Assure the clean, quiet, healthy & efficient work

Metal Hanger Factory

560+ employees,
500,000 accessories/day

Dip-Coating Workshop:4 upgraded electrostatic plastic spray lines, environmental, short curing time of coating. finish more sturdy, color more gorgeous

Impulse Welding Workshop:28 punching welding equipments, operated by the qualified technical personnel, assure all hangers are firmly and neatly welded.

Assembly Workshop:Speed and skills are the core assessment indicators for assembly workers every day, month and year, so as to ensure both quantity and quality.

Electroplating Factory

180+ employees,
10 tons accessories/day

Cleansing Workshop: Adopted the newly developed OY-49 normal temperature degreasing and derusting. Promising the products’ anti-corrosion & rust-proof function superior 15-20 times than traditional way. The brightness of the product is sharper.
Hung Workshop : Use “three cleanings + three ventilations” policy, which means keep contaminated items, water, gas cleaned and have wind, light, air ventilated.
Electroplating Workshop : 8  high tech plating lines. High capacity, good quality, low loss, and environmental protection. Up to now, Betterall’s electroplating waste water treatment has reached the national class II drinking water standard.

Packing & Warehouse


Betterall Hangers Factory