Are you ready to welcome the cold winter? I am sure that you have bought a few of winter clothes, such as coats, sweaters and jackets. Right?As we know that some clothes will have a few creases when they have been folded up in the closet. How to avoid that? A hanger can help you to solve.

The winter coats are always much heavier than the summer shirts, so, you cannot use those summer hangers to hang winter coats, otherwise, the hangers will be deformed for they cannot afford the weight of the coats, if the hanger is deformed, it may scratch your coats or make your coats become out of shape. Therefore, it is better to use a solid wooden coat hanger to hang your winter coats. Most wooden coat hangers have a widen shoulder than shirt hanger, which can fit the shoulder of winter coat tightly.

Wooden hangers can hang winter coats or jackets, however, you should not use hangers to hang the collar of your sweaters. Because sweater is soft, if you hang it by hanger, it may become looser and bigger. The right way to hang sweater is to use the pant bar of the hanger to hang the sweater in half.

Now, you may have known the method to store your winter clothes, you can purchase new winter clothes for the coming winter, but do not forget to buy some hangers to store them!

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