Most people will not notice the shoulder of the hanger when using them to hang clothes, however, hanger has many different shoulders to realize different function.

1.Nonslip function
In order to implement the nonslip function, designers designed these hanger shoulders: Rubber covered shoulder, velvet shoulder and notches shoulder

Rubber shoulder uses the zigzag rubber adhesive tape sticking to the wooden shoulder so as to implement the nonslip function. Velvet shoulder means using the velvet fabric to cover the wooden shoulder and then becoming nonslip. Some female clients may have sun-tops or straps. In order to avoid them slipping down from the hanger, designers designed the notches on the shoulder.

There are several smooth fabrics. So if you have those fabric, you should need to use the nonslip shoulder hangers to avoid them slipping off from the hanger.

2.Wide shoulder and thin shoulder
There are many types of our clothes, such as coats sweaters, jackets, shirts and so on. Each type of them may have different shoulder. For example, the shoulder of coats may heavier and bigger than the shirts; the shoulder of sweater may bigger than the jacket. So, when we hang clothes, we shoulder choose a suitable hanger for them so as to expanded the service life of your clothes. Coats can choose the wide shoulder and shirts can choose the thin shoulder.

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