In this fashion society, a new kind of chic hanger is booming out, that is satin hanger. With the beautiful fabric material and soft touch, satin hangers are now popular in our daily life among some clothes shops or private closet.

Do you know how to make a satin hanger? Generally speaking, satin hangers are mainly composed of hanger hook, sponge, and silk ribbon. Our manufacturers will choose polished chrome hanger hook and high quality sponge to produce it,because polished chrome hook is not easy to rust and high quality sponge can protect clothes well. Moreover,there are many colors and a variety of delicate silk ribbon decorative patterns for you to choose. You can choose a satin hanger according to the decoration of your closet or your room.

How could satin hanger be popular in our daily life? The stain hanger has good quality silk ribbon for their external packaging which is comfortable in touch. What’s more, stain padded hanger always have fashion and elegant fabric covering, it is no wonder that it is welcomed by women. And as for sponge, the weight of stain padded hanger is very light. Combined with soft feeling of touching, human-body bionic design,stain hanger are more beautiful and lovely.

Satin hanger has a trend of fashion, why not buy some satin hanger for your closet? Betterall has many kinds of hangers. If you are interested into hangers, welcome to let us know!


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