Elm is one of the common trees in the north of China, growing across the Yellow River basin to North China Plain. As a kind of wood, elm has hard texture, large physical strength and is resistant to corrosion and moisture. It also has a good elasticity. In ancient time, elm was often used to build the beam of a house or major furniture because the elm tree form is huge. Combined with beech in southern China, elm has a combined name called ‘”Northern Elm, Southern Beech”.
As a cost-effective wood, elm furniture especially fits for mass consumer because of the high-quality physicochemical characteristic that elm has and what we mentioned above. Elm hanger has its unique chicken wing grain which is beautiful and elegant.

In Ming and Qing dynasties, whether the noble or the common people showed special preference to elm hanger. Modern elm furniture mainly uses the style of Ming and Qing dynasties. Pristine color and traditional manufacturing process make elm hanger have both Chinese pastoral style and elegant taste.

But, there is no perfect thing in the world. Although elm is nice, it still has its weakness such as not against worm-eaten. Besides human, worms seem to like elm as well. So, compared to other wood, elm is more likely to be damaged by worms. But if it happens, you can inject pesticide into the wormhole. When you buy a new elm hanger, you can brush a layer of pesticide to integrate prevention and treatment. Overall, if you do well to avoid worm-eaten, elm hanger is a good choice. By the way, today is Chinese Valentine’s Day, you can choose elm hanger for your family to show your love to them.

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