In today’s life, velvet hanger become popular used in our wardrobe owing to its unique features.

Velvet hanger is made with ABS plastic villi which possesses soft touch feeling and strong skid resistance function. Velvet hanger is always thin design so that it can save space of the wardrobe. The clothes hanger is a practical household products in our daily life and it is even the necessity for some families. In addition to practicability, velvet hanger could be a beautiful decoration for your closet with its chic  and colorful appearance.

Let Betterall to tell you some advantages about velvet hangers:
Firstly, velvet hanger is thin but durable. With some humanized design, it can effectively prevent clothes deformation, and some design can let you don’t have to worry about the collar of clothes getting bigger.
Secondly, due to special silk fiber surface, velvet hanger can avoid those wide neckline clothes slipping off.
Thirdly, velvet hanger has elegant appearance, individual design, novel styles and bright beautiful color, which can reach our pursuit of fashion and personality.
Fourthly, velvet hangers are high quality with a competitive price, you are worthy of owning it in your closet.

We have many style of velvet hanger, and we also accept customize design. If you are in need of velvet hanger, welcome to contact us.


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