In general, when buying a hanger, people only focus on the appearance and usability but ignore environmental protection and health. However, present hangers have already met the basic function of a hanger, so people gradually pay more attention to the demand for environmentally-friendly and humanized hangers.

Wooden hangers have gained the popularity due to its simple and unsophisticated design and durability. Many people think that wooden hangers are totally environmentally-friendly because the material to make wooden hangers is solid wood without pollution from artificial board. But this is not true. Although wood itself is environmentally-friendly, the paint on the surface may has potential safety hazard. The surface of some wooden hangers use oil paint which workers will add some chemical compound to dissolve the paint. If these chemical compound has methanol or benzene exceeding the standard, this hanger will do harm to your health.

People are always willing to choose green and environmentally-friendly interior decoration or furniture that is beneficial to health. It cannot be ignored that hangers also need to be green and environmentally-friendly. If you hang your clothes in closed and airless closet, and toxic substance in the hanger will permeate into your clothes and directly affect human health. Thus, when buying hangers, you should choose green and environmentally-friendly hangers that are harmless to human body.
On the basis of ordinary acceptable products, some factories will add camphorwood which has anti-bacterial function to the part that need antisepsis. This is aimed to kill or control bacterial reproduction on the surface of the hanger in time. Then the hanger has the ability of anti-bacterial and self-cleaning to be healthy and safe.

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