Wooden hangers are the main market of hanger market. Wooden hangers can promote the taste of the host when put in the cabinet and can increase the charm of products when put in trade show. Good wooden hangers will make your clothes upscale. However, many people don’t know how to choose suitable and high-quality wooden hangers. Now, I’ll give you some suggestions as below.

First of all, you should pay attention to the moisture content of the wood material, because wooden hangers are more likely to deform if the moisture content inappropriate. When choosing a high-quality wooden hanger, you can dip a little water on it and observe the speed of soaking. If the water dips slowly or doesn’t dip into the hanger, the moisture content is high.

Then, you can smell the hanger. Factories will add some chemical materials when making wooden hangers. These materials are harmless within the national standard, but sometimes formaldehyde in the adhesive will be out of limits. So, when there is a pungent smell in a hanger, you have to be cautious. In addition, you can notice that whether the surface of a wooden hanger is smooth or plicate. Unsmooth surface of a hanger is likely to do harm to your clothes. What’s more, when buying wooden hangers, you should know clearly how the hanger will be used so that you can choose the most suitable style. Only wooden hanger consistent with surrounding environment is the best choice.

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