How to use hanger to dry clothes in raining day? This is a question needs to be deeply considered for the hangers are always destroyed in the rainy day.

Firstly, we should store those remainder hangers we don’t often use. In rainy day, our clothes are hard to get dry, which need much time to hang. At this time, we need more hangers than usual and those stored hangers are full of value.

Secondly, we should use metal hanger, aluminum hanger or plastic hanger in raining day. Because those kind of hanger has some materials to protect them from being rusted in the wet environment. As we all know that metal hangers with pvc coated is non-slip, which can protect our clothes in the rainy windy day.However, when using the metal hanger, you should use those hangers that are not rusted, otherwise, the rusted hanger will dye your clothes.

Thirdly, since the wet garment is heavy, you need to use a big hanger to hang it, or you can use two to three hangers to hang it, which will not easy to make the hanger deformed and let the garment dropped down.You can use those metal hangers with wide shoulder for those heavy clothes.

Finally, don’t use wooden hangers in rainy day. Because wet environment may destroy the wooden hanger so that put the garment out of order. So, in raining day, wooden hanger should be used indoor to hang dry clothes.

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