As a kind of wooden products, wooden hanger is so nice and practical that many people are using it. Today, let’s see what enjoys the wooden hanger can give us.

The vision of wooden hanger
Wooden hanger has a sense of harmony visually, because wooden hanger can absorb ultraviolet light in the sunshine so as to lighten the harmfulness that the ultraviolet light brings to our body. At the same time, wooden hanger can reflect infrared ray, thus people can feel that wooden hanger is warm and sweet.

The feeling of wooden hanger
The heat conductivity coefficient of its material can decide whether the surface of wooden hanger is warm or cold. If the heat conductivity coefficient is large, the material feels cold. In contrast, if the heat conductivity coefficient is small, the material feels warm. As the heat conductivity coefficient of wooden products is moderate, people can enjoy the sense of harmony well.

The hearing of wooden hanger
When the sound wave functions on the surface of wooden hanger, some will be reflected, some will be absorbed by the vibration made by wooden hanger itself, and others will penetrate. The reflected is account for 90% and mainly is soft sound waves in low and medium frequency. In contrast, the absorbed is harsh sound waves in high frequency. As a result, wooden hanger can absorb noise in your house and give you a quiet environment.

The humidifying character of wooden hanger
The function of humidifying is a feature that only wooden products have. When the surrounding environment humidity changes, wooden hanger can take in or take out water in order to balance the moisture content and mitigate the moisture variation indoors. According to a survey, it is appropriate to keep the indoor relative humidity at 45% to 60%.

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