Everyone must have used plastic hangers because it is light and handy and is much cheaper than other kinds of hangers. There are various types of plastic hangers in the market. Some are unique in shape, others are peculiar in color. Factories will try their best to make their products more fashionable in order to meet customers’ visual enjoyment. Thus, most people may ask that whether these colorful plastic hangers are poisonous or not. Now, I’ll lead you to know more about plastic hangers.

Plastic is a kind of compound, which means plastic hangers are made from different mixture. However, plastic not only consists of some compound. Some plastic uses synthetic resin as raw material. When making plastic hangers, workers will add some addictive like stabilizer, colorant and plasticizer to improve the hardness, plasticity or using life of hangers. Thus, we can sure that the raw material of plastic hangers is toxic except for synthetic resin. Those addictive added in plastic hanger is also poisonous. But in general, these toxic substances will send out toxicity only under the condition of burning or high temperature. So, don’t stop using plastic hanger because its raw material is poisonous. Under common circumstance, plastic hanger is nontoxic so that you can feel free to use it.

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