Do you have the problem that there will be crease on the pants when you fold them and put them in the closet? If you store pants by folding them and put them in the closet layer by layer, the crease of the bottom pants is obvious. So, there is a method for helping pants get rid of crease.

Using the pants hanger is a good way to store your pants in the closet without creasing them. However, there are many variety of pant hangers, some of them may scratch pants but some of them will effectively protect the good shape of pants. Those pants hanger with two aluminum clips without any soft non-slip material will hurt your pant. And those pants hanger with two clips that has rubber inside will not hurt the pants. Also, those pants hanger with a wooden pant bar will not do harm to your pants.

Besides the accessories, there are some materials of pants hanger for you to choose. Wooden pant hanger is always solid and smooth, which is durable and will not scratch pants. Metal pant hanger always has two clips, you can choose the good hanger according to the material of the clips and the material of the metal components. Plastic pant hanger is cheaper but more practical. Plastic material is always smooth so that almost plastic pant hanger will not do harm to the pants.

Good hanger could give you an organized closet. Using the proper hanger to store suitable clothes can protect the clothes and let your clothes long-live.


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