Do you want wooden hanger can be long-lived? It is particularly important to know how to protect our wooden hanger when we use them to hang our clothes up in the closet. Following are some introductions of protection.

Firstly, don’t put too heavy clothes on the hanger, otherwise the hanger will deform. The weight capacity of hanger is limited, so if the weight of clothes exceeded the weight capacity, the wooden hanger would be broken, which may even scratch the clothes.

Secondly, don’t break the paint-coat. Once the paint-coat is broken, the gloss and the appearance will be affected and the clothes may be dyed by the broken paint-coat. The paint-coat is so delicate that is easily damaged.

Thirdly, keep our wooden hangers far away from water. Water will mildew or soften the wooden hangers, and the mildew with pathogen is bad for our health. Therefore, the drier the hanger is, the healthier the clothes are.

Fourthly, keep our wooden hangers out of sunshine. If the wooden hanger is exposed directly to sun for a long time, the paint-coat of it will shine off and chipped.

Finally, classify our hangers and hang them up properly. The available hangers could be hanged orderly in closet or on clotheshorse in case of mess and clash.

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