Many housewives are keen on Rubber-foam hangers as they are elegant, soft, and comfortable and can protect your clothes falling down. Today, I’ll tell you how to identify a good rubber-foam hanger.

In order to choose the high-quality Rubber-foam hangers, you should notice the following points. First is the surface. Apart from some special sponge, the smoother the surface of ordinary sponge is, the better the quality of sponge is. Secondly, superior sponge has a good ability of spring back. Otherwise hangers with ossified sponge are inferior quality products. Thirdly, common rubber-foam hanger has a little smell but it doesn’t smells too bad. Thus, if a rubber-foam hanger smells niffy and makes you unable to tolerate, this hanger must use inferior raw material. Fourthly, good sponge should have at least 80% of tensile elongation. If a rubber-foam hanger cannot reach this standard, it must be low-end sponge. Fifthly, high-quality sponge is difficulty to tear.

We have talked about how to choose a rubber-foam hanger above, now I’ll tell you how to maintain the rubber-foam hanger after you have buying it.

Firstly, rubber-foam hanger relatively has a good bearing capacity because the inside is stainless metal material. But it is unsuitable for wet and heavy clothes as the special feature of sponge. In addition, rubber-foam hanger cannot be put directly under the sunshine, especially in summer. That is because the sunshine will shorten the using life of rubber-foam hanger. And when using a rubber-foam hanger to hang clothes, you should try not to put it on places of high temperature like electric oven, because high temperature may fuse sponge and affect directly the use of the hanger. What’s more, you cannot use it in corrosive environment as rubber-foam hanger is not resistant to acid-base.

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