Many people may think that choosing a hanger is a single thing which do not need any skill. But, in my opinion, different clothes should use different hangers so as to delay the life of the clothes.

The variety of our clothes is various, and the size of our clothes is also different, therefore, if you just use one kind of hanger, you may destroy some of your clothes, especially using the big hanger to hang the clothes of your children.

So, it is necessary to choose hangers according to its classification. Firstly, let’s classify our clothes into these classifications: jacket, coat, suit, pant, underwear and so on. Then let’s learn the classification of hanger. According to the material, hangers can be classified into wood, metal, plastic hanger. According to the usage, hangers can be jacket hanger, coat hanger, pant hanger and so on. And now, there are some kid’s hangers for children clothes. Kids hanger is made according to the size of kids clothes, which will not widen the collar of kids coats or T-shirts.

Betterall hanger manufacture company produces many kinds of hangers. No matter coat hanger or kid’s hanger, and no matter wooden hanger, metal hanger or plastic hanger, if you are in need of hanger, do not hesitate to contact us.


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