According to the latest statistics, at present, the use of wooden hangers on market as the main clothing display props has accounted for 45% to 47%, up 30.38% from a year earlier. This group of number shows that there is a “monsoon” costumes in the clothing industry. What is the reason that makes wooden hangers so popular?
The visual of wood
Wood gives a person the feeling of harmony on the vision, because the wood can absorb the ultraviolet ray in sunshine (below 380 nm), reduce the harm of ultraviolet radiation on the human body; Wood can also reflect infrared (above 780 nm), which is one of the reason why wood makes people have the sweet feeling.
The touch of wood
The cold and hot feeling of the surface of the wood material is mainly decided by the size of the coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials. Big coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials, such as concrete member, presents cold touch feeling; small coefficient of thermal conductivity of polystyrene foam presents warm feeling. Moderate coefficient of thermal conductivity that gives a person the sense of warm, this is the harmony feeling that the wood gives to people.
The auditory of wood
When the sound waves hit on the surface of wood, part of it is reflected and part is absorbed by the vibration of the wood itself, and part is ignored. The reflected part accounted for 90%, mainly soft in the low frequency sound waves while the absorbed is harsh high frequency sound waves. So in our living space, proper use of wood can make us feel harmony on hearing. Wood is the concert hall and the studio that requires acoustic quality for the best sound effects.
Damping properties of wood
The damping function of wood is one of its unique features. When the ambient humidity changes, in order to obtain the equilibrium moisture content of wood products themselves, it can absorb or release the moisture to moderate the change of humidity of the indoor space. Results show that the 45% -60% of humidity in human living environment is appropriate. Suitable humidity can make human body comfort and can make the survival of plank tonic bacteria in the air to the shortest time. A cabin is equivalent to a sterilizing box, is not without reason.
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