As we all know that hanger plays a very important role in our daily life, but I suppose that many people do not know the process of making a metal hanger. Today I would like to talk about how to make a metal hanger.
Comparing with the processes of making the wooden hanger, the processes of making a metal hanger is more easy. We divide the general processes into seven parts as follows:
1.The first thing to make a metal hanger is cutting the wire into the certain size as required. We have many size of metal hangers: adult size, kids size and some special size. We also have some unique styles for metal hanger, we can also design the style as your request.

2.Secondly, shape the wire on the mould. We have the specific mould for metal hanger making, which can shape the hanger into the style you like.

3.Thirdly, weld the wire into a hanger and weld the hook with the hanger body.

4.The fourth process is electroplating, in this process the hanger will be hanged on the platting rack and getting electroplated. We have some paints for electroplating, which are all nontoxic and high quality.

5.The fifth is vinyl coating. If the hanger need to be coated by vinyl, it is unnecessary to be electroplated.

6.The sixth is assembling the chips and tube.

7.Finally, packing the hanger as required.

So, these are the process of making a metal hanger. I hope all the things will help you to know more about our factory. Betterall is a big hanger manufacturer with its own factory. It can produce not only metal hangers, but also wooden hangers, velvet hangers, satin hangers and plastic hangers. We have our own forest as original material which is environmental friendly. For the PVC coated metal hanger, we choose the high quality, nontoxic paint, thus you can purchase our hangers at ease.
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