With clear vein, simple and rough line design and moderate price, wooden hangers made from fraxinus mandshurica are popular in daily life. Fraxinus mandshurica is the first-class texture to make furniture because it has stable wooden quality and is difficult to craze and deform. Now, let’s see what advantages and disadvantages fraxinus mandshurica has.

There are various advantages of fraxinus mandshurica. As an old relict plant, fraxinus mandshurica has tough and tensile material, distinct and beautiful veins and nice-looking luster. Hangers made from fraxinus mandshurica are full of elasticity and tenacity. Also, fraxinus mandshurica is hard-wearing and moisture-proof because it grows in humid temperate zone.

In addition, fraxinus mandshurica can well adapt to process. It has a good strength and a good capability of anti-knock and steam bending. The section of fraxinus mandshurica is smooth as well. Due to its small nature change, fraxinus mandshurica fits for arid climate. What’s more, thanks to the good process ability, fraxinus mandshurica has a nice ability of oil paint and glue.

However, even if fraxinus mandshurica has a lot advantages as mentioned above, it still has its weakness. The heartwood of fraxinus mandshurica cannot resist to corrosion and sapwood is easy damaged by worms. As it is hard to dry, fraxinus mandshurica is more likely to become warped or split.

To use fraxinus mandshurica as a solid wood material, factories can use bleaching technique to shallow its yellow color or dye on the wood grain to create modern sense.

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