In recent years, magic hanger has become more and more popular in the market and people are more likely to choose magic hanger. That is all thanks to the advantage a magic hanger has. It is not only convenient to carry but also helpful to save much space of your closet. Now, I will introduce you some methods of how to use magic hangers.

First of all, you can use magic hanger to store clothes. You can hang magic hangers on the cross-bar of your bureau, and then put common hangers into the holes of the magic hanger. In this way, you can store clothes as three times as before. Besides, there is about 30% of the length between the pole, you can look around your clothes much easier. When you get your clothes, you should lift up the lop side and hang it on the cross-bar then put it down after choosing.

Secondly, you can use magic hangers to hang clothes. When you are on business or travel, hotels usually won’t provide you with enough hangers or there is not enough space to hang. Thus, you can carry a magic hanger to hang your clothes. Thirdly, magic hanger can play the role of display hanger. When selling clothes, retailers can use magic hangers to hang clothes in same style but different size or color. It is convenient and easy for customers to choose clothes they want and can save much space of your store.

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