Today, let’s talk about the knowledge of how to use underwear hangers to dry and store intimates wel!

Underwear hanger, for today’s female friend, will not be unfamiliar. We can always see the underwear hanger at the underwear shop. Those hangers are mainly white transparent plastic hanger, metal hanger or aluminum hanger. And those underwear hangers may have non-slip hooks or notches on the shoulder.

For the reasons why we should use underwear hangers are as follows:
Firstly, this hanger is smaller than usual one, which can save a lot of space.
Secondly, non-slip hooks or notches can fitly hang underwear, which can avoid underwear slipping down at the same time maintain the shape of underwear.
Finally, the color and style is suitable for hang and display underwear. In other words, this kind of hanger can upgrade the display level of underwear.
Underwear hanger can dry and store your underwear and at the same time save space, you can also use this hanger at home.

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