The hangers including wooden hangers are normally used for hanging clothes while storing them in your wardrobes. But if you have lots of hangers and want to use them creatively not only for increasing your storage space but also for adding beauty to your home then you can use them in various ways briefly discussed here under. You can use a luxury wooden hanger for organizing a number of items of your personal use in a decorative manner if you use your creative skills. You can also use our wooden coat hangers for hanging your belts, bras and various other household things on your door or walls. Brief information, about the things for which you can use your hangers made of wood in a decorative manner, is provided here under for your consideration.

Jewellery organizer: your wooden hanger can be a great place to hang your jewellery in a well organized manner just by screwing some small hooks on it. You can add to the decor of your room by hanging these hangers on its walls.?

Bra organiser: A great way to keep your bras free from tangling is to make a bra organizer by using some of your luxury wooden hangers. You can hang as many bras as you can by screwing some hooks on this organizer.

Rack for mud room: You can also use your wooden coat hanger to make a rack for your lobby or mud room to increase your storage space. You can use this hanger in inverted condition so that its hook can be used for hanging a hat or coat whereas its metal edges can be used for hanging other things like bags or keys etc.

Towel hanging bar: You can make a DIY towel bar just by using some of your old wooden hangers creatively. You can hang it inverted on your wall and hang various things including towels on its hook.

Belt hanger: You can easily create a belt hanger just by screwing few hooks at the bottom of your outdated luxury wooden hanger. It will help you in keeping your belts well organized in your wardrobe.?

Solution for retaining rubber bands: You can also use your old wooden coat hanger for keeping our rubber bands and other accessories along with your clothes in a well organized manner

Flip flop organizer: You can also protect your favorite flip flops from getting lost under your closet just by hanging them on your old wooden hanger. You will have to break your hanger carefully to make enough space for hanging our flip flops.

Scarf organizer: You can insert some shower curtain hooks on the metal rod of your old luxury wooden hanger to keep your scarves in an organized manner by slipping them into these hooks.?

In this way, wooden coat hangers can be used in many ways to hang a number of things you use in your day-today life along with keeping your clothes organized and safe. You only have to use your creative mind for using your old hangers made of wood more innovatively.


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