Cold winter is coming, hope friends at the distance are all well. For this winter, I have bought some sweaters to decorate myself, however, I have a trouble now. When I use a wooden hanger to store my sweater, it becomes loose. I wonder if you are also in trouble of this. Yesterday, I saw a way to solve this problem, and now I want to share with you.

The material of many sweaters is soft and easy to loose, if you use a hanger to hang the shoulder of sweater, your sweater may be loose. At this time, a right method to use a hanger to store a sweater is necessary.

Here are the steps to hang sweater by using velvet hangers:
1.Fold the sweater in half with the front side facing out
2.Set the hanger on top so the hook sits right at the armpit
3.Fold the bottom hem up toward the collar and over the hanger
4.Wrap the sleeves over the hanger
5.Flip it around and hang in your closet

However, if you use this method, you should choose a suitable hanger. Wooden hanger is too big to do this, and metal hanger is too smooth to do this, while the velvet hangers are thin and non-slip. So, a velvet hanger can help you to store your sweater.

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