Hangers have been the necessity of our daily life. There are many kinds of hangers and I’ll talk about the velvet hangers today. Made from ABS plastic tomentum, it has a strong capability of skid resistance. A velvet hanger is not only practical in performance but also beautiful in appearance.

When hanging clothes, general hangers are easy to deform the neckline and shoulder of a coat or shirt and it’s difficult to be smooth again. Especially when general hangers hang heavy clothes or clothes that have big neckline, your clothes will always fall down. Luckily, velvet hanger can solve all of these problems. A velvet hanger uses the design that has radian fitting for shoulder, which not only will not deform clothes but also has a better capability of skid resistance and weight bearing. Ultrathin design saves much space of your closet, velvety material can protect plush clothes and is skid-proof, and it can hang the weight of 10 kg.

A velvet hanger adopts arc design with human body function. Although it has a thickness of o.4 mm, its toughness is very good. Thus, using velvet hangers to hang heavy clothes is the most suitable choice. You can bend a velvet hanger randomly because it’s durable. A velvet hanger feels comfortable and will not fade or fall tomentum. That’s what other kinds of hanger cannot do.
Velvet hanger can maximize the practicality of a hanger and is full of beautiful art element at the same time. All these advantages make it become the essential thing of a family.

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