Wooden hanger is the necessity for clothes in daily life. You can see wooden hangers at the shopping mall, at the balcony, at the office and in the closet. You can see them everywhere in our life. Thus we can see that wooden hanger is an important thing for us. However, do you know what it exactly is?

What’s wooden hanger? Wooden hangers are made with metal hook, wooden shoulder and bar. And there are many style of hook, shoulder and bar. For example, round hook and flat hook, long hook and short hook, polished chrome hook and pearl nickel hook and white hook and black hook. As for the shoulder, there are wide shoulder and normal shoulder, rubber covered shoulder and velvet covered shoulder and so on. And for the bar, we have rubber covered bar and wire covered bar, round bar and flat bar.

Wooden hanger classification: men and women suit wooden hangers, Jacket wooden hangers, T-Shirt wooden hangers, coat wooden hangers and wooden hangers for Casual clothes and hotel use.

Wooden hanger material: Beech wood, Lotus wood, Oak wood, ash tree, walnut, birch, basswood, pine and weed tree

The advantages of wooden hangers: the special profile and texture wooden hanger is more honorable comparing with the metal or plastic hangers, which can improve the product level and brand image so as to fulfil customer’s demands for high-end product.

Betterall produces all kinds of hangers, but wooden hangers are our main products for we know the important use of them in our life. More hanger knowledge, you can contact us.


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